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 "Périgord Black Truffle"

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Our first Périgord Black Truffle was found 18years after planting it was a long wait with a lot of work over the years with tree maintenance and soil modification to suit growing Tuber melanosporum (Périgord Black Truffle ). Realistically we excepted to achieve a commercial crop around the 10th year.


Périgord Black Truffle - Tuber melanosporum due to the number of well-established Truffières now producing Périgord Black Truffle the local Périgord Black Truffle market is well catered for. Exporting is being tried but certainly has been a challenge with limitations being in the Southern Hemisphere.


White Truffle - Tuber borchii or Bianchetto - this variety has not yet reached saturation point, has good value and would be worth consideration.


Burgundy Truffle - Tuber aestivum (Summer Truffle) - this Varity hasn’t reached saturation, produces excellent yields off a small number of trees and the easiest to produce, but doesn’t have great value.


Brumale Truffle - ended up in NZ mistaken as Périgord inoculation and a large number of trees were inadvertently inoculated with this inferior truffle and sold as Périgord Black Truffle seedlings. This truffle has little value but because of its similarity to Périgord and harvested over the same period some un expecting consumers have purchased this truffle thinking it to be the much sought after Périgord Black Truffle. To my knowledge no seedlings are inoculated with the Brumale fungi.





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