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 "Périgord Black Truffle"


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Tewnion Truffière was established 1996 by Wayne and Alison Tewnion located in Yaldhurst, Canterbury. We are situated on the Old West Coast Road, Christchurch, New Zealand. Hosting 600 trees, a mix of English Oak and Hazel inoculated with the Périgord Black Truffle (Tuber melanosporum). 

Canterbury has the perfect climate for producing Périgord Black Truffle full of aroma and Flavour - Hot summers and Frosty winters essential for flavour and aroma. 

Canterbury shares a similar climate and latitude as the region of Périgord France

We have been extremely pleased with the quality of Truffle our Truffière is now producing. More importantly the Chefs are telling us our product is as good as anything they have experienced, some saying our Truffles are as good as anything they have used throughout the world. We supply Périgord Black Truffles to Restaurants, Lodges and Truffle lovers through out New Zealand. 

Tewnion Truffière only produces the superior Périgord Black Truffle - Tuber melanosporum 

Our Truffière sells only what we produce guaranteeing 100% traceability.   


Contact Information

Cell Wayne 0276040004

International 64 3 3427013

Local 03 3427013



202 Old West Coast Road


Christchurch 7676

New Zealand


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updated 26/05/2019